What is Initial Dex Offering or IDO and Why It Has Become Quite Important?

What is Initial Dex Offering or IDO and Why It Has Become Quite Important?

Initial Dex offering or IDO is the new age of the digital assets with an importance of the blockchain technology. The initial Dex offering is one kind of token system that actually represents any kind of asset that is hosted on the decentralized exchange. Projects that issue first DEX offering get funding from the individual investors, very much like the traditional startups get venture capital before it is launched. IDO investors don’t own shares in a project, it just provides the complete protection system for the digital assets as well as manages privacy of the asset owners with help of IDO Digital Marketing.

IDO offers companies with different tools to engage this community in an economy, enriching the products and allowing great business choices related to the assets. An initial Dex offering or IDO has quick liquidity, trading, as well as reduction of the listing costs. ‍

Benefits of IDO model

IDOs have several benefits that will make them highly attractive to the crypto investor than ICOs & IEOs. Take a close look at some benefits.

Quick trading

One amazing IDO benefit is that IDO coin will be traded instantly. In this way, investors will buy the tokens fast when it gets launched. And resell them at the higher rate later during IDO.

Open & fair fundraising

It’s seen that in token offerings technique, as soon as token sale gets public, the private investors purchase a huge number of the tokens for lesser cost. They can resell the tokens to general public that gain huge profit. With IDO fundraising approach, startups do not need centralized exchange & permission to kickoff their fundraising event.