Step-by-Step Guide to Cleansing Your Space for a Full Moon Ritual

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleansing Your Space for a Full Moon Ritual

Purifying your space is an essential move toward planning for a full moon custom. It assists with eliminating negative energy, establish a hallowed climate, and upgrade the viability of your ceremonial practices. Full Moon rituals often involve meditation, setting intentions, and releasing negative energy for spiritual growth and clarity.


Smirching is a conventional practice that includes consuming spices to decontaminate the space. The most commonly utilized spices are wise and Palo Santo.

Sage: White sage is especially well known for areas of strength for its properties. Light the wise group and let it seethe, creating smoke. Utilize a quill or your hand to drift the smoke into the sides of each room, really focusing on entryways and windows.

Palo Santo: This heavenly wood from South America offers a sweet, quieting smell. Light the stick and permit it to seethe. Travel through your space in a similar way likewise with sage, zeroing in on regions where you feel the energy needs reviving.


Salt is known for its decontaminating properties and can be utilized in different ways to purge your space.

Salt Water: Disintegrate ocean salt or Himalayan pink salt in water and use it to wipe down surfaces, entryway edges, and windowsills. This training purges as well as shields your space from negative energies.

Salt Dishes: Spot little dishes of salt toward the edges of your room or close to entryways to retain negative energy. Leave them short-term and dispose of the salt the following day.

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Sound purging purposes vibrations to separate stale energy and revive the climate.

Tibetan Singing Dishes: Delicately strike the bowl and move the hammer around its edge to deliver a thunderous sound. Stroll through your space, permitting the sound to penetrate each corner.

Ringers and Tolls: Ringing chimes or wind rings can likewise be successful. Their reasonable tones can assist with moving and discharge negative energy.

Medicinal balms and Splashes:

Medicinal balms can be utilized to make a purging splash or diffused to filter the air.

Shower: Blend a couple of drops of natural ointments like lavender, eucalyptus, or lemon with water in a splash bottle. Fog this mix around your space, focusing on corners and entrances.

Diffuser: Add medicinal balms to a diffuser and let it run for a few hours before your custom. The smell will occupy your space, giving an invigorating and purging impact.

During Full Moon rituals, participants commonly use crystals, candles, and incense to enhance their spiritual practices and intentions.

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